The Ultimate List of Product Manager Interview Questions + How To Answer

The Ultimate List of Product Manager Interview Questions + How To Answer

Product managers have to solve internal issues and create products to enhance processes. Analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) is the best way for product managers to monitor performance and product success. Your candidates should know the main KPIs, such as customer retention, churn, lifetime value, satisfaction, time to execute, and team velocity. Both speed and efficiency are important for product managers when launching products. For this reason, candidates should know how to create a product launch roadmap for their team, estimate deadlines, and create maps that reflect the customer journey. Nonetheless, you should be prepared to answer them during your product manager interviews, just in case.

product manager interview questions

Product design is one-third of the PM interview process, making it a key opportunity to showcase your product thinking skills. For this type of Product Manager interview questions, use a specific example, explain the steps you took, and share the outcome and results. Most PMs sit at the head of design and development teams, and all Product Managers have to collaborate with a diverse roster of stakeholders with different job responsibilities, specialties, and goals.

Can you walk me through a recent project you led as a Data Product Manager?

Your answer should include a step-by-step process for researching a new product or service, including what resources you use and how you apply that information to your work. Employers ask this question to make sure you can handle customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner. When answering this question, try to focus on your problem-solving skills and how you helped the customer. This question can help the interviewer determine if you have the skills necessary to succeed in this role. Use your answer to highlight some of the most important skills for a junior product manager and explain why they are so important.

product manager interview questions

For each of these subcategories, it’s not so much about getting to a specific answer; what’s more important is how you think through the problem, making assumptions and calculations. First, we bought a few cartons of alternative milk test if this made a difference to Sunny’s customers. Second, printing the password on receipts was too cumbersome of a change, so instead we posted it around the cafe. This question is a chance to show that you are self-aware enough to be conscious of yours, and that you’ve taken steps to address them.

Step 4: Structure Your Answers

Product managers will have many spinning plates in the air and have to be able to manage all of them simultaneously to get the job done. But making it optional could result in more people signing up for personal use instead of abandoning sign-up or putting in fake information. As they use it and see how useful it is, they may be more likely to use it professionally, resulting in more enterprise accounts that are willing to pay for the product. Write out a few example situations where you made a mistake and what you learned. Focus on the steps you made, the frameworks you put in place, and the outcome of the result.

  • An easy way to achieve this is to use a step-by-step method to tell your stories, such as the STAR method or the SPSIL method used below (which we prefer).
  • One potential solution is a new feature that allows users to collaborate or create Instagram Stories during special events like holidays or birthdays.
  • This product manager interview question will generate some of the most interesting answers.
  • While part of your answer should include talking to users and gathering their feedback, don’t stop there.
  • By asking these questions, interviewers intend to learn about how you approach product management processes, and how deep is your expertise.

This question type is an opportunity to show your passion for the company you’re applying for while also giving some insight into who you are as a person and why you’ve chosen the PM career path. For each type of question, we’ve linked our guides which cover the basic steps for solving them as well as giving a detailed answer for one of the questions. We’d recommend that you begin by memorizing the method for solving a question type. Interviewers use questions like this to find out how well you can act in the face of adverse circumstances.

Preparing for behavioral questions

They think they can get a sense of the person and their fit for the role regardless of which direction the conversation may go. Without deadlines, planning, estimating, and aligning teams would be impossible. Product managers must feel comfortable working with deadlines, and getting the whole team to commit to one is the hardest part.

Spend time understanding the companies you want to work for, practice top questions alone and with peers, and build a story bank for your big day. We wrote this PM interview question guide with the help of 30+ PM, APM, and behavioral interview coaches at tech companies, startups, and FAANG+ companies. The key in answering this question in an interview, however, is showing that you can be tactful and encouraging even in saying no. The purpose behind behavioral questions is to see how job candidates handled past situations, since similar situations may arise in the future. Leadership and communication are crucial intangible skills for Product Managers to get different teams working together in an organized, purposeful goal toward a common purpose.

4 Analysis interview questions (12%)

Exponent analyzed over 1,700 recently asked product manager interview questions. Often referred to as a Mini-CEO, Product Managers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, from understanding users to coordinating teams. To see whether you have the necessary experience for the role, a Hiring Manager will ask questions about your work and your understanding of product management practices. Here, the aim is to get a feel for the type of tools, applications, and software that the candidate uses when they’re on the job as part of their management strategy. In this case, the question specifically asks how candidates manage team members. For the past five years, Anjali has been leading product and service development teams to build and launch effective solutions to important social issues.

product manager interview questions

Challenge any product manager who could not find fault with a decision or outcome within their realm of responsibility. The learnings are key, as they will identify an individual who has taken the experience to heart and improved. Furthermore, the product manager should be aware that if they are not compliant, they cannot operate, market, or advertise in the EU without potentially being in violation of the GDPR.

The interviewer may ask this question to assess your communication skills. This is because effective verbal and written communication are important for a product manager’s job duties, such as presenting ideas to clients or other stakeholders. To answer this question, you can describe how you use these skills in your daily work. As a Principal Product Manager, you’ll be responsible for making tough decisions that can significantly impact the success of your product. Interviewers want to know if you have the ability to analyze various factors, such as user needs, technical feasibility, and business goals, while also considering potential risks and trade-offs.

This includes setting milestones, developing user stories, creating wireframes, designing the UI/UX, building the product, testing it, and finally releasing it. Throughout this process, I would ensure that everyone involved is on the same page and working towards the same goal. My role was to facilitate communication between the two teams, identify areas of agreement and disagreement, and ultimately come up with a solution that everyone could agree upon. To do this, I held multiple meetings with both teams to discuss their ideas and listen to their feedback. During these meetings, I asked questions to better understand each team’s perspective and encouraged open dialogue so that all parties felt heard.

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