5 Myths About Addiction Treatment and Recovery

5 Myths About Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Another fantasy is that relapse shows failure or a lack of self-control. Actually, relapse is a frequent event in recovery and should be seen as an opportunity for improvement, not a letdown. It shows the requirement for changing treatment strategies or added support services.

You do not have to hit rock bottom in order to change your life and quit alcohol and drugs. Completing rehabilitation is a major step, but continuing supported treatment is crucial to avoid relapsing. Specifically, recovery is a never-ending process and patients must continuously adjust to what their https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/13-common-myths-about-addiction-and-recovery/ lives offer and have support throughout. Therefore, it’s important to reach out after rehab through an alumni program, sober living, and aftercare. Everyone entering treatment (at the very beginning) receives a clinical assessment in order to determine the best course of action for a person.

Common Myths About Addiction

It’s a harmful ideology because society encourages excessive alcohol consumption during social events. Prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to serious health complications, overdose, and even death in the same way that heroin or opioid addiction can. Alpine Recovery Lodge offers specialized drug addiction treatment. If you or someone you love is abusing prescription medications, alcohol, or other illicit drugs, Alpine Recovery Lodge can help. Myths about addiction and recovery can be exceedingly hurtful to those living with substance use disorder. Don’t fall victim to believing what others may say about addiction.

  • Plus, everyone should have access to affordable treatment options.
  • Virtually every person in the audience raised their hand.
  • Negative thoughts and stigma about addiction can stop people from getting the help they need.
  • It is crucial to understand the risks of any medications you are prescribed, to monitor your symptoms closely, and to speak to your doctor about any concerns you have as soon as possible.

Embrace a life without drugs or alcohol to uncover simple pleasures. Enjoy hobbies, quality time with loved ones, and true happiness. It’s important to know that treatment is not a cure, and that relapse is a part of recovery. Changing the approach based on how someone is doing can help their progress.

Start the road to recovery

The bottom line is that there is no sure fire way to identify an addict or alcoholic. If you’re able to handle your alcohol, that must mean you’re okay, right? Everyone has a different type of tolerance based on experience and biology. Many people make assumptions about a person’s character or morality when they have an addiction. While it is true in some cases that a person may choose to experiment with a substance, it does not mean that they actively chose to struggle with addiction. In other words, doctors were doing wonderfully, although opioid and other drug deaths continued to surge.

Because each person’s experience is different, that means there are unique factors that affect the risk of addiction per person. We’ve already established that a substance abuse disorder depends partly on genetics, a person’s environment, socioeconomic status, and mental health. These varying factors make it impossible to apply the same standard of treatment to everyone. In fact, alcohol use disorders and substance use disorders are recognized as mental health conditions. The “addiction is a choice” myth is actively harmful to individuals because of its negative moral stance that hurts rather than helps.

There is a one-size-fits-all treatment

Misconceptions exist that affordable treatment for addiction may not be effective. But, it is important to know that treatment is not a cure but the first step to wellness. Therapy, counseling, support groups, medications, and holistic approaches are all affordable options.

myths about addiction and recovery

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